Welcome to our Unique House Plan Website

 What makes this a unique house plan website compared to the myriad of other house plan websites out there that you, the house plan searcher, have likely been wading through with ever decreasing energy and optimism, is the personal nature of the site itself and the personal nature of the plans that it contains.  The work of only two designers are presented here, and this is the only site these home designs appear. 

   Each unique house plan was developed by either myself, Craig Swanson of Spokane Home Design, and one other designer, These plans were not dreamed up to sell on the internet. Instead, they were laboriously hammered out room by room , window by window, porch by porch with the couple or individual that would soon  be inhabiting the spaces we created together. In other words, these real, unique house plans were drafted by myself and one other designer and then were really built out for real people, just like you and I.

You are welcome to make our Unique House Plans unique to you

    Much of what I do as a draftsman in Spokane is taking the pieces and parts of plans that people like yourself find on the internet and turn them into just the right layout, unique to them . There is no reason that I cannot do the same for you if you find that one of my unique house plans is close to what you want but not quite there. Chances are, I will be more affordable than anyone else you could find to do the work in your area and it is no longer the slightest obstacle that we might not ever meet one another in person.

   I have designed complete and unique house plans for people who were at the time living in other parts of the world like Afghanistan, Iraq and Angola. I am as real as you and am just 10 numbers away on your smart phone or just a little more typing on you computer by email.