Good sense living makes perfect sense on so many levels. You receive the luxury of bonus living spaces, without the full expense of a traditional with affordable house plans. We provide you the opportunity to build a stunning and spacious home, with our latest collection. This collection includes a range of stunning and versatile designs perfect for modern living. Check out our stunning home designs currently on display.

Our affordable house plans, seamlessly combines good designs with comfort living. Cleverly designed, this four-bedroom home is perfect for families wishing to seek a balance between functionality and privacy, with a huge balcony and the entire children’s wing located upstairs. Downstairs one of the many inclusions of the kitchen is the glazed door pantry and an abundance of overhead cupboards which overlooks the open plan living and dining area. So, here are a few things to consider…

Unique house plans to fulfill all your needs

If you want your home designed in a particular way or with certain features or layouts in mind, building may be the best way forward. Building also gives you more flexibility regarding the materials and finishes used on your home. It goes without saying that when you build a new home, everything that goes into it is new too. Meaning your appliances and the workmanship of the home will come with a warranty.

You can’t move in straight away

Buying an established home is usually going to see you moving in sooner than if you built? A normal settlement period when buying an established home is 6-8 weeks, whereas if you’re building it will normally take around 6 months.

Lower ongoing costs

Building processes are ever evolving. A significant reason to consider building a new home is to ensure its environmentally sustainable. Yes, it’s better for the environment, but it can also save you a lot of money, with the costs of electricity continually rising.


If you’re buying an established home, you’ll need to pay stamp duty on the full amount of the purchase price. However, if you’re building, you’ll only need to pay stamp duty on the land component of the purchase (not the total house and land price).

It’s important to make sure that unique house plans gives you a fixed cost for the construction your new home upfront. This will help you avoid additional cost increases and time delays down the track.

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