Affordable House Plan – How Can You Get the Best One

Affordable House Plan – How Can You Get the Best One

The current economic climate is causing many consumers to search for savings opportunities. This article explains how you can obtain affordable home plans by limiting construction and maintenance costs. Regardless of whether the design for your affordable house plan is small, house plans are available to fit your needs.

Limit your Square Footage when you look for affordable house plans

Out of this world construction and energy costs, combined with a development toward simplicity and eco-friendliness, have increased the popularity of small house plans. Choosing a comfortable and affordable house plans over a McMansion makes it more affordable to build and maintain your custom home. Eco-reward: less square footage equates to a smaller carbon footprint.

Rank the Most Important Features in Your Home

Create a list of features that your new home must-have, and another list of characteristics that you’d like, but that isn’t mandatory. For instance, if you’re constructing new home to make space for a family, having a minimum of three rooms would probably land on your “must-have” list. However, if you luxuriate in the tub just on more than one occasion per year, a built-in bathtub might be listed under “Nice to Have, But Not Necessary.” Prioritizing your needs in this way will help limit the costs of your home plans. Insisting on extravagance features, for example, fireplaces and pools will make it harder to achieve affordable house plans.

Include Built-Ins to Give the Impression of Larger Square Footage for your affordable house plans

Regardless of whether you’re building with a lot of small house plans, your home can feel spacious. Smart design techniques, for example, open floor plans and built-in storage, can enable you to maximize the utility and comfort of your new space. Natural light also has a big influence on how we perceive area, so include a lot of windows in your home plans to fully capitalize on your square footage.

Create Attractive Outdoor Space by adding a Deck/Patio

Many climates allow homeowners to utilize secured patios for the majority of the year. In different places, light rain rules during the winter months, but it’s never too cold to even consider precluding outdoor lounging. If you enjoy relaxing outside, consider adding a secured outdoor space to broaden the livable area in your small house plans. A secured patio can also make an excellent setting for parties.

Limit the Number of Plumbing Cores

While browsing affordable house plans, you may notice that plumbing fixtures are often aligned over the same vertical space. For instance, you might see that the upstairs bathroom is located directly above the downstairs kitchen sink. Consolidating plumbing cores helps limit costs by decreasing the quantity of pipes, water heaters, and other plumbing parts that must be purchased.

Search for Simple Rooflines

Roof ornaments, for example, dorm windows are charming but costly. Simple rooflines are typically included in progressively affordable house plans.

Select Stock Plans

You don’t have to hire an architect to build a beautiful, comfortable home. By choosing a stock house plan instead of paying for specially craft services, you can save a decent deal of money and still achieve the home plans of your dreams. Stock home plans are available in a plethora of configurations and styles.

Buildup, not out

Adding a story to increase space in your small house plans will generally incur less costs than adding more ground-level space.

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Housing Prices Are Likely To Grow Depending On The House Design

Housing Prices Are Likely To Grow Depending On The House Design

Housing Prices Are Likely To Grow Depending On The House Design

The future is difficult to predict, but let’s consider two of the most important factors: the first is what will grow faster in these eras: real estate prices or rent, the second is what can happen with interest on loans.

Housing prices are likely to grow faster than rent, because the demand for house design remains very high, while the supply is low.

It is quite likely that interest rates on loans will rise next year. No one knows what interest rate strategy the Fed will choose, but it must be noted that they have already begun to creep up slowly. If there is an increase in rates, it will make the purchase of real estate less affordable next year as compared to rent than it is now. It is believed that by this time next year the purchase price may even exceed the rental price in the most expensive cities.

  • Of course, there are circumstances when a house design may not be the best solution either. 
  • Suppose you plan to live in your house for three years and do not use tax credits many homeowners do not do this simply because of ignorance.
  • In this case, at the national level, even with a 3.5% loan, the purchase will be only 9% cheaper than rent. 
  • Obviously, buying a property is not for everyone – especially if you live in a more expensive housing market.
  • In short, the decision to rent or buy depends on many factors, both economic and personal, and this decision should be made only by you.

With this article, I wanted to encourage those who are not sure which option is more suitable for their particular situation – rent or buy – take a pencil and paper and calculate the pros and cons of home ownership, taking into account low interest on loans, savings on taxes, rising real estate prices, but also parallel to the rising cost of rent. I will be happy to help you make this calculation, considering your situation.

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A Nice Day For Drive

A Nice Day For Drive

I always love to see the projects that I have drawn blueprints for after they have been completed and are being used for what they were intended to be used for and so recently Elaine and I decided to go on a drive and visit a  projects in Central Washington.

The home was located in Desert Aire, an interesting community on the Columbia River about 22 miles south of the Vantage bridge. A thousand-acre development originally developed for the well-off to build vacation and seasonal homes and enjoy the golf course and marina. A billboard calls it “The Palm Springs of Washington” and indeed it gets only 7 inches of rain compared to Spokane’s 16.5 inches.

I had never been there before our recent trip and had never heard of it before last winter when I got an email from Karen Chiaramonte, of Kirkland, who had been designing a new house on the same software program, Sketchup, that I use and love.

House plan r3 walls2
I was extremely impressed at both how well she had learned Sketch Up and how far along she had gotten with the design for the home that she and her partner, Cecil Rodreguez wanted to begin building in the early Spring and then live in with her parents.
web shot
For the most part Karen had the layout nailed and I design the roof and helped with some ideas and practical adjustments to make sure that the home that she had envisioned came to life in the best possible form. Once the model was hammered out, I drafted a full set of plans which they gave to their builder who got permits and went to work building this great home.
Modern House plan
Their modern home design in Central Washington was a standout in the community.
black modern house plan
Windows bring the outside in and expand interior spaces. With a ceiling sloping from 14′ to 12′ and all that glass, the great room of this home is very well lit and spacious.
modern home design in central washington back wall glass
The view out back looks across a small airstrip to the mountains bordering the west bank of the Columbia River.
modern home design in central washington front porch
Elaine’s favorite part of the exterior design was the front entry.
modern home design in central washington front door

Especially their dramatic front door. 
modern home design in central washington airplane hanger

While I love the whole house, my favorite part was that they appreciated my efforts on helping to design their beautiful new home that they recently hired me to draft plans for the airport hanger they are planning to build on the lot next door. That ought to be worth another trip, or atleast a side trip on way to Seattle someday soon.