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Multilevel home plans, you may have a home you want to buy. The difference may be a few things that you do prior to listing your home with a realtor. Here are a few tips to help you edge the competition and get your home as soon as possible.

1) Shining Star: Give your multilevel home plans a thorough cleaning, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms. According to Pat Combs, past president of the National Association of Realtors, having those rooms clean and sparkling can make a huge difference in the perception of whether a house is kept up or not. And don’t under estimate the windows and baseboards. Make them shine and get you to the closing table.

2) Make your Multilevel home plans BIGGER:
De-clutter. Everywhere!
Toss the junk and clutter to make your home look much more spacious and attractive. The laundry room, the pantry and the garage are the areas the pros say you should focus on. If it’s a 2 car garage- make room for 2 cars. And pay special attention to the master bedroom. This area of your home should feel like a retreat when a prospective buyer steps into the room.

3) Be the Buyer! Drive up to your home, park the car at the curb and take an objective look at your home and the grounds with log home designs.

How does your multilevel home plans compare to others on the street

Is it inviting?

Does it make you want to see more?
Then go knock on your door and wait the 30 seconds that it would take to have it opened for you. Those 30 seconds will speak volumes as you look around. Pay special attention to the entrance and break out the paint brush. Make sure your entry is open and bright with neutral paint.

Each multilevel home plans were developed by either me or these plans was not dreamed up to sell on the internet.

I have designed complete and unique multilevel home plans for people who were at the time living in other parts of the world like Afghanistan, Iraq and Angola. I am as real as you and am just 10 numbers away on your smart phone or just a little more typing on your computer by email. Find us on Facebook and watch our latest updates on Youtube!